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Branding / Corporate Identity

Most people think of a brand as a logo, or some sort of graphic, but it is much more than that. A successful brand is vital to a successful business. And the key to a strong, memorable brand, is simplicity and consistency. Your brand identity is not just a logo, it’s the visual language holding your brand together. MAKER can help you engage with your audience through full service, internal and external branding projects.

MAKER works closely with clients to create, develop and deliver successful brand communications.

From start-ups to established brands after an evolution, MAKER is dedicated to building brands that build businesses. Remember, the visual appearance of your brand is responsible for making a critical first impression.

Brand touch-points such as stationary, marketing materials and your website should tell people something important about your business and project the right brand personality. MAKER designs logos and brand identities that draw their inspiration from the true personality of your company, the people who work in it and the products and services you offer.

UX + UI Design / Front-End Development

Whether it’s a responsive, adaptive or mobile first approach, MAKER designs and builds websites that work in the age where mobiles and tablets are fast overtaking traditional desktops as the medium of choice for consumers.

MAKER believes in providing an equally engaging experience for all users regardless of device, crafting simple websites with the perfect balance of design & usability – with the user at the heart of the strategy.

MAKER builds meaningful and usable websites – websites that people enjoy to use – always searching for ways to make it easier, faster and more pleasant for people to accomplish their goals.

MAKER writes HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery. MAKER chooses WordPress for CMS and believes in choosing Open software over closed proprietary software over which you have little or no control.


Digital business is strategic thinking at the intersection of design and commerce. MAKER focuses on creating products and services that transform organisations for the digital economy. Integrated marketing is used to drive sales with a cross-channel, digitally-led approach to communications as well as a focus on brand loyalty and consistency.

Remove noise and add value to engineer highly tailored, aesthetically refined and commercially successful brands and websites. MAKER will identify, clarify and visualise business core values to make relevant and tailored solutions.